Ian Beck

Owner/Head Coach

Ian is most widely known for his ability to take a serious situation and infuse it with laughter. He is also known for being quite tall, but this isn’t due to his height. It’s because he stands on the shoulders of his amazing wife! Without her and his talented daughter, B3 would only be a vitamin and not a learning experience. And though he believes laughter cures nearly every problem, nothing has a greater impact on society than paying it forward through education.

As a former early childhood educator, Ian developed his ability to break down complex ideas into bite-size chunks of understandable information. But Ian doesn’t spend his days inside the schoolhouse anymore. Instead, he has turned his passion of owning a gym into a classroom experience for each and every member.

Abbi Lenz

Coach/Instructor; Social Media Coordinator

Abbi is a NASM certified personal trainer who enjoys helping her clients find motivation to achieve results and meet their wellness goals. Her favorite format to teach is incorporating mobility, strength training, and cardio. Abbi’s own journey of healing to wellness, strengthening and physical fitness inspires her to help others find their own wellness journeys. In addition to her training career, Abbi enjoys an active life full of adventure with her husband, Josiah, and their three children, Isaiah, Gabe, and Naphtali.