The Benefits of Cucumbers

Did You Know…?

The cucumber is the most abused vegetable on the planet.  People slice it, dice it, chunk it, peel it, shred it, bake it, soak it, drink it, and lay with it (over their eyes of course!). No other vegetable on the planet goes through that level of scrutiny. But instead of sitting here feeling pity for the poor cucumber, let’s take a look at some of the many health benefits:

  • Cucumbers are very high in nutrients. Tons of vitamins and other phytonutrients are plentiful in the cucumber. You will also fine impressive amounts of protein and fiber. That’s a pretty solid foundation for a healthy poop!
  • Cucumbers contain high levels of antioxidants. This means they help attack free radicals in the body. This must also be why people where them on their eyes as sunglasses. But the real question is… do you throw them away afterwards or eat them? Yeah, you eat them.
  • Cucumbers promote hydration. Because this vegetable is made up of 96% water, you can get a fairly decent amount of your hydration needs from ingesting it. Warning! If you begin eating massive amounts of cucumbers, it is possible you will pee while exercising or jumping. Because of this, you should come to our pelvic floor workshop this weekend (shameless plug).
  • Cucumbers can help promote happy potty time. Constipation is usually caused by either dehydration or simply having a stick up your butt all day. If it isn’t the latter for you, then its likely a lack of water in your body. Once you start chomping on the cucumber, you will likely have no issue dropping the kids off at the pool (poop, toilet… you get it).
  • Cucumbers are so dang easy to add to your diet. You can add them to a delicious chicken Cobb salad. You can include them in an Italian dressing bean and chickpea pasta salad. You can eat them with hummus as a snack. You can even bake them and make cucumber chips (probably the dumbest way to eat them though).

And there you have it folks! The cucumber. Wildly abused, but mildly flavored. And since it can work in almost any meal, there is no reason to leave it on the shelf. Go on and get you some!

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