The Benefits of Increased Protein

Did You Know…?

Meat is king!  Give me a thick sausage, a big ole’ brat, and two thick half-pound grass-fed patties (you can keep the buns).  I’m salivating just thinking about all that delicious meat and what I would do to it.

Sad side story… our neighbor had a great Halloween cookout where he prepared sausages, brats, and a thick Boston Butt.  The meat was money! Straight up on point!  I received just a taste, and then got side-tracked and started taking the children trick-or-treating.  This means I never got to eat all that meat.  Why Lord? Why?!!! It was probably because of the Bourbon, but I am not one to place blame on others.

But on a serious note… is there scientifically-backed evidence that proves some real health benefits for increasing your protein intake?  Yes, my friends. Yes there is. Check out some of the incredible benefits below:

  1. Protein reduces hunger levels. Eat more protein dense foods and you will feel more satiated than eating a bowl full of your child’s Goldfish Crackers.  Get a grip y’all. Go for the meat!
  2. Protein increases muscle mass and strength. No you won’t “bulk up” and get too big.  It drives me nuts when people think that. I wish it were that easy. And if you are physically active and strength train, you need more than the recommended amount.
  3. Protein reduces cravings for late night snacking. Studies show that if you “eat the meat” you have roughly a 60% drop in cravings at night. This may be due to a greater release of dopamine.
  4. Protein increases your body’s ability to burn fat. Since your body uses energy to digest food (Thermic Effect of Food), your metabolism temporarily increases and you burn more calories. Protein has a much higher TEF than fats and carbs combined!
  5. Protein helps your body repair after exercise or after an injury; and this is a no-brainer since protein makes up the building blocks of muscles and tissues.

There you go y’all! Now go jump on that sausage train and enjoy some meat! Real talk though, there a tons of protein sources out there, and they are not limited to just meat.  Now go find some and go “bulk up.”

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