B3 - So Much More Than A Gym

We’re On A Mission

Our mission is to help you feel limitless. We don’t believe that anyone should be held back from something they love simply because of age or lack of confidence. If there’s an activity, hobby, or thing you want to do, we want to give you the confidence, knowledge, and motor control to make it happen.

We Believe

We believe that when you invest in your health and wellness, it transforms every facet of your life. When you move well and often, you have more energy and focus, and you’re much more efficient. You have the stamina to do the things you really want to do and to live smarter. You become kinder and more compassionate to others. And you become a better parent, husband, wife, friend, colleague, and even lover!

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a culture where all the members of our community:

  • Actively support one another
  • Become lifelong learners
  • Apply what they learn at B3 to each and every daily life activity

We also celebrate families, and are committed to creating a family-oriented gym that encourages couples to sweat together while also offering a fun, safe place for children to play.

Our Core Values


 Learn more about our bodies, our strengths, and our overall health.


Lift more weight safely while lifting each other up and encouraging others.


Laugh while doing it because we need to laugh at ourselves and laugh with others.